Pricing and Questionnaire

Monthly Flat Fee Pricing

  • Flat Fee pricing – a good fit for most small and medium sized companies
  • You run your entire business – we do all the accounting and reconciling at the end of the month
  • Customize any package
Basic Oversight Standard Month End Close Custom
$249 Month $499 Month $1,499 and above
-Confirm reconciliations

-Review transactions

-Special Reports

-Perform reconciliations

-Add and Code transactions per GAAP

-Financial Reports

-Daily Availability

-Templates/ Invoices

-3rd party integrations

-AR & AP assistance

Up to 4 reconciling accounts. Up to 4 reconciling accounts.

*Inventory Reconciliation is $399 per period

*New Quickbooks File Setup ($199 QB online or $249 Desktop Software)

* $49/ each additional account reconciliation


Please complete and return the 6 question Bookkeeping and Tax Questionnaire to help us, and you, determine which plan is best for your company.

  • How many accounts do you have that need reconciling? (checking, savings, credit card, loans, payroll etc.)
  • Do you use any of the following? (Stripe, Square, Paypal, Amazon, Infusionsoft, Clientline, Braintree, Forte, or any other merchant accounts or 3rd party software?
  • Who will be creating invoices, making deposits, paying bills, processing payroll, filing sales tax and paying estimated tax payments?
  • What year and version of Quickbooks do you currently use? (you don’t need to own Quickbooks software to use our service)
  • What year did you last file taxes? Who filed them and will you be using them again?
  • What type of company do you manage? Cash or Accrual basis?  These answers will be on your last filed tax return.  (sole prop, LLC, partnership, S-Corp or C-Corp)